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I was introduced to Chelsea by my now-husband, who had had success working with her. He raved about how supportive and awesome she was, and I went along to his next appointment to see for myself. Chelsea was everything he’d said…and then we both fell off the healthy eating wagon. When I reached out again to Chelsea, she was just as welcoming as she had been the first time. I didn’t feel judged or as if I’d failed when I admitted that I’d gone on the "South Philly Diet" of pasta and breads and I now had 50 extra pounds to show for it. 


Chelsea was very supportive as I worked to establish my relationship to food and my emotions. I began to realize that growing up with food insecurity had been challenging, and nothing that other programs/specialists were able to help me understand how to navigate as my life and circumstances had greatly improved. 


I have begun to feel more confident in my food choices, and learned that weekly meal planning/batch cooking was my answer! It helps me worry less about whether I’ll have enough food, and has allowed me to find the mental space to begin a workout program. Chelsea has been a great touchstone to reach out to and collaborate with…she truly individualizes her approach to each client. 


To date, I’ve lost 27 pounds and I’ve began the healthiest relationship with food that I’ve ever had. 

Taryn B.

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Chelsea was brought into my work place for our weight loss competition. She had me track my meals and snacks, and every week we would go over my diet. She would suggest to switch foods I was eating with healthier options. I changed my diet and added the exercises suggested and it worked.


I lost 29 pounds over the six weeks, and won the competition with her guidance. If you follow Chelsea's nutrition and wellness program, you will lose the weight. I was surprised myself how well the program worked. My blood pressure has lowered, and my cholesterol came down significantly.  


I have lost a total of 70 pounds over 9 months, and have been able to keep it off with her program. This is the healthiest I've felt since my younger days, I'm 53 now. 


I would highly recommend giving Chelsea a call or email her and let her get you on your way to better nutrition and wellness.

Ron W.

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Chelsea has helped me make significant changes in my life that have completely changed my way of thinking about food and nutrition. After entering recovery for an eating disorder, I struggled to find a healthy lifestyle, and felt confused and frustrated by all the conflicting information on the internet. Chelsea worked with me and helped me develop meal plans and goals that worked for me and my busy lifestyle. The great thing about working with Chelsea is that she helps me figure out what’s working and what’s not, and works with me to make changes that feel right for me.


My friends and family are shocked that I now cook almost every night of the week, am obsessed with kickboxing, and no longer experience anxiety and distress around food and nutrition, and there’s no way I could have done it without Chelsea!

Liz S.

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I could go on and on about how much Chelsea helped me but I am still working with her and I’m still losing pounds and inches.  Not only that, before we start our session she sits and talks and she has a fun personality and is always positive. Even if I went up a pound or two at a session and I was feeling down about it, she gave up upbeat talks and was positive that the next time she’d see me I’d be down.  That always worked! She gives individual coaching for each individual as each individual is different.  I enjoy meeting with her and will continue in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy, and build a new relationship with food.  It improves your mental health and makes you feel so much better!


I feel very good because I’ve lost weight and inches and my cholesterol and blood pressure are so much better.

Lisa M.

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I've been meeting with Chelsea now for almost 2 years. I wasn't happy with my weight and eating habits. I didn't feel good about myself and I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I wanted to make a change. The better food choices that she has given me has made such a big difference in my everyday eating habits. I now think before I buy certain food items. I go for the healthier items first and my list of choices have become pretty extensive! I even buy healthy snack foods without even thinking!
I would never have known about a lot of these items before meeting with Chelsea. I look forward to our meetings and great conversation. I gain new knowledge each time. With this new lifestyle change, I have lost up to 23 lbs and fitting in sizes that I haven't worn in over 7 years!  And people are noticing !! And that makes me happy ! Thanks Chelsea!!

Genice R.

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

 It was the combination of the therapeutic counseling along with the nutrition education that really made a difference.  Having the one-on-one sessions allowed me to understand my issues and address them emotionally as well as physically.

Dorie F.

Testimonials: Client Testimonial
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